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My May Altered Book Challenge…

Well, I am sliding in under the wire with my May Altered Book Pages Challenge. We were suppose to use shades of purple and throw in some red, as the red hat society does. I did not get any red in but I am tickled with my pages none the less.


The cow saying is a copy from a old book and looks it too. I was so surprised at the number of purple cow images that could be found on the internet. What a marvelous tool the internet is, how hard would it have been to come across these images without it?


The pictures of Lavender are just wonderful, what a great place to be standing for the woman in the pictures. It must smell terrific! The saying was written by Alice Walker a black author supporting the rights of black women and all women. I liked it. I believe it was first published in a book written by her in 1983.Purple pages 001


Monochromatic Pages

I am involved in a 6×6 Monochromatic page exchange. I am keeping the one that didn’t print.  Just barely got these out by the deadline.mono1 001 mono2 001 mono3 001 mono4 001

Correspondence Envelopes…

I exchange with a correspondence group. We mail out our envelope and 4 or 5 other artists contribute to the envelope. Here is the beginning of my envelope and the 2 envelopes I have worked on so far. The theme this time was colors, sounds easy but it is actually challenging to come up with additions.color envelope front 001color envelope back 001Shelley front 001Shelley back 001Pat F front 001Pat F back 001

My Sticker Journal…

Ok, it was suppose to be a sticky journal but I spelled out the word “sticker” on my journal. What is the difference you ask? Marcia Beckett, a mixed media artist and elementary art teacher is doing a challenge. Here is an excerpt from her blog, Dabblings.

There will be weekly link-ups for you to add your sticky art journal pages!

I figured a blog series challenge would keep me focused and might create some excitement for the summer months!  Plus, stickers are so much fun.  When I was a kid, I even started a club called “Sticker Maniacs”.  That didn’t last very long, because the other members weren’t as enthusiastic as I was. 

Here is where I need your help:
I would like to include guest journalers in this series.  If you keep an art journal (or want to start) and you like stickers, then YOU are the person I’m looking for.

“What I will do:  I will send you a small packet of random stickers (free of charge).  I have border stickers, labels, cute stickers, letter stickers, more cute stickers…  All you have to do is use a few of these stickers in an art journal page (or ATC.. or whatever) in a creative way.  Then, you will send me a photo (or write a blog post) and a few sentences about this artwork.  I will include your photo and description in a blog post for this Sticky Journals series (plus a shout out to your blog, of course).  The rest of the stickers are yours to keep.  Would you like to do this?  If so, send your email address and blog address to marciadotcom@yahoo.com.  I will send out 5 packets of fun stickers.”

I was lucky enough to be one of her five and I think she still has a spot or two open, email her and join in the fun. Here is a picture of the journal I have dedicated to this challenge.Image

Chirp, Chirp ATC Swap

In my Paper Traders group I joined a ATC swap. The focus was birds, nests or eggs. These were my offerings. I had a lot of fun with this swap. Image

Choose Love…

On my Paper Traders group we have a word prompt challenge each month. Aprils challenge was “Choose Love”. This is my offering for that challenge. We had to add tissue paper or napkin and a button.Image

Brides and Grooms

Here are two old photos I had of brides and grooms. Feel free to copy the pictures and use them in your art.ImageImage

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